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Welcome to our extraordinary showroom, spanning an impressive 720 square meters in the heart of Oslo. With soaring 8-meter high ceilings that exude grandeur, we’re proud to be situated right by the picturesque river. Our showroom sets the standard for elegance and sophistication, providing the ideal backdrop to showcase premium brands in a manner that truly befits their excellence. Come and experience the epitome of refinement at Oslo’s finest destination for curated fashion.

The perfect line between knowledge and quality – handled with great care and passion.

established in 2010

founded by Anh-Marthe Storheil



about our people

Anh-Marthe Storheil

CEO & Founder

Anh-Marthe, the visionary founder behind Storheil Agency and the contemporary women’s wear brand Iben, embarked on her remarkable journey at the age of 15. Her career started within the retail sector, and she soon transitioned to the world of fashion. In 2010, driven by an entrepreneurial vision, Anh-Marthe established Storheil Agency. Her unceasing eagerness for fresh challenges and growth remains unwavering. Naturally, the next chapter unfolded in 2014 with the inception of Iben.

Anh-Marthe draws inspiration from those around her, striving to build companies founded on strong values. Strategically leading with an entrepreneurial spirit and implementing across all company departments without constraints. She has garnered recognition for her unwavering professionalism. In this dynamic industry, she actively contributes to its evolution, from production to retail, embracing the diversity it offers.

+47 414 72 525

Karianne Vastveit

Sales Director Storheil Agency & Brand Manager / Second Female

Karianne brings a wealth of experience from the wholesale, retail, and finance sectors. Her professional journey spans across both B2C and B2B sales, encompassing administrative and financial roles within the clothing industry. Currently, she holds the positions of Brand Manager at Second Female and Sales Director at Storheil Agency. Karianne is known for her dynamic approach, impressive work capacity, and unwavering motivation, all fueled by her passion for inspiring fashion collections and achieving strong numerical results.

+47 906 78 892

Ida Marie Ryan

Brand Manager / Herskind, Gossia & Oval Square

Ida’s journey is marked by extensive experience in retail design, sales, campaign management, and the restaurant industry. Joining Storheil Agency felt like a homecoming for her, as her enduring passion for fashion aligns seamlessly with the vibrant and fast-paced environment. A true social butterfly, Ida describes herself as a hyper-communicator who thrives in the company of others and is perpetually committed to learning and development. Her innovative spirit shines as she loves developing the brands she works with, while representing an agency that embodies her cherished values and equips her with the tools for success. At Storheil, Ida enjoys crafting long-term strategies, nurturing meaningful relationships, and collaborating with brands that inspire her.

+47 901 15 338

Kamilla Katrine Hansen

Brand ManagerPavement & Second Female

Growing up within the retail industry, Kamilla embarked on her retail career at just 14 years old. Her diverse background includes roles as a store manager, buyer, and visual merchandiser, coupled with formal education as a stylist and fashion consultant from SOFI. Kamilla exudes positivity and is driven by the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry. She invests her heart and soul into her work, finding motivation in the rapid pace and inspiring atmosphere of Storheil. Here, she collaborates with like-minded individuals who share her values, challenging her and fostering personal growth. Kamilla considers work a lifestyle, fueled by her desire to inspire and be inspired by others.

+47 993 85 377

Siri Gabrielsen

Brand Manager / Iben & Les Visionnaires

With an extensive career spanning over 15 years, Siri is a seasoned professional in the fashion industry, specializing in both wholesale and retail sectors. Her impressive track record includes successful collaborations with renowned international premium brands in the Nordic countries and a pivotal role in the establishment of Norwegian fashion brands. Currently, Siri holds the esteemed positions of Brand Manager at Les Visionnaires for Norway and Sweden and Sales Director at Iben Worldwide. Her reputation is built on strong customer relationships, a profound commercial acumen, remarkable work capacity, and an unwavering passion for the fashion industry.

+47 997 38 717

Trine Vik

Office Manager

Trine brings 25 years of expertise in the media industry, primarily as a general manager in conference planning and implementation, as well as a project manager in advertising and production agencies. In her current role as Office Manager at Storheil Agency, Trine oversees the administrative aspects, including finance, budgeting, activity coordination, and daily office operations. She’s known for her structured, meticulous nature, outgoing personality, and exceptional work ethic, thriving in a fast-paced environment. Collaborating with Storheil’s talented team is a daily pleasure, where inspiration and results fuel a dynamic workday.

+47 970 41 603


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