GOSSIA exudes a feminine essence infused with a hint of rugged power and a sporty flair—a brand tailored for the contemporary woman.The journey of GOSSIA embarked in 2021, founded with the aspiration of designing apparel that accentuates and complements the unique forms of women. As a distinguished fashion label, GOSSIA seamlessly combines the allure of femininity with a sporty edge. GOSSIA excels in blending functionality and fashion, with functional details manifesting in every collection. It is intrinsic to GOSSIA to prioritize natural materials and embrace an environmentally conscious direction. The brand takes pleasure in discovering distinctive qualities, employing old printing techniques and intricate embroidery, all while prioritizing meticulous attention to detail.

Spring Summer 24
Maridalsveien 87 B - Building 8,
0461 Oslo


+47 22 35 53 12

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