After four season on the market, Norwegian women’s wear brand IBEN presented their AW16 collection with runway show during Oslo Fashion Week.

”We’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication into this collection, and to create a strong dna. We are incredibly proud of the collection we presented.” Founder Anh-Marthe Storheil.

The collection reflects a meeting between a laid back 70´s boho girl and her traditional English heritage – all framed in a contemporary setting. Focusing on high quality garments and tailored details, it easily layers into an everyday look. The collection core color is a warm, earthy hue of green assembled with tempting accents of port red and midnight blue. Aiming for wide variety in texture, comfortable and warm fabrics, it will endure a cold season.

“The goal for this collection has been to polish the expression and to clarify IBEN’s dna. It was important to us to create a collection that is functional through the Scandinavian fall and to be on an international level at the same time.” Designteam

IBEN represents a girl that treasures an effortless way of dressing cool. She confidently accompanies her practical boots with her velvet flares and a chunky knit. She appreciates how her corduroy suit easily transfers from a work assembly into a late night outfit – by just losing the shirt underneath. IBEN dares to dress the way her mood dictates, not obsessing over common norms and rules.

Anh-Marthe Storheil founded IBEN in 2013, and is also behind Storheil Agency and Støy Retail. She has with her innovative thinking and commercial awareness build up a strong profiled brand.

“Our focus has been to cooperate with suppliers that share our passion for good handcraft, something we feel shows in this collection. We have also moved a lot of our production to Europe. All of this has really given us the opportunity to cultivate the good qualities we are passionate about” Designteam