Discover Second Female: Where Scandinavian Elegance Meets Modern French Chic. Founded in Copenhagen in the year 2000, Second Female is an embodiment of Scandinavian style with a chic and contemporary French influence. Their commitment to this unique fusion is evident in the seasonal collections.

At the heart of Second Female lies a dedication to crafting garments that exude elegance and grace, empowering women to express their unique individuality. The designs feature meticulously hand-drawn prints, each a true work of art, adding a touch of distinctiveness to every piece. Their chunky knits are the embodiment of cozy yet fashionable attire, seamlessly merging comfort and style. And when it comes to their elegant suits, rest assured they are tailored with precision to radiate confidence and sophistication.

Second Female’s design philosophy is simple: they aim to curate a versatile wardrobe that encompasses both comfort and confidence, allowing every woman to showcase her personal style.

Guided by Scandinavian principles of effortless luxury and functionality, they craft collections that marry timeless classics with contemporary relevance, always keeping an eye on the “must-have” items of the season. Experience the allure of Second Female and explore the curated collections.

Spring 24
Fall 23
Maridalsveien 87 B - Building 8,
0461 Oslo

+47 22 35 53 12

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